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  • Alleviate the Global Waste Crisis
  • Reduce Reliance on Landfills and Incinerators
  • Provide an Alternative to Fossil Fuels
  • Reduce Harmful Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Monoxide Emissions

Turning Waste into Energy

11 February 2011

Greenwave Bio has licensed a number of breakthrough technologies that:

-Allow using a wide range of waste types as feedstock.

-Produce no toxic air emissions, and minimize solid by-products.

-Highly improve the energy efficiency of transforming the waste-into-energy.

-Enable the process to be cost-effective and profitable even at a very small scale.

Our process has been approved for use in Europe, Japan, and we are currently undergoing the permitting process to install our first plant in South America. Our Technology is protected under a number of patents around the world.